Website Design and Implementation

  • Design
    We will design a website to meet your requirements. (If you already have a website, we will make the transition to a new website as painless as possible.)

  • Implementation
    We will write the website code and test it. You will then receive a link to the new site to try out the site and ascertain if your requirements have been met. After final approval of the website, it is delivered to you and all files will be uploaded to your host of choice. A last test to check that the site is fully functional will be performed at this time.

  • Payment
    Our terms of payment are Cash on Acceptance. You pay us only if the site meets with your approval. (For sites requiring any financial outlay on our part during or before implementation, we will ask to be reimbursed for that particular amount at that time.)

Website Maintenance and Support

  • Service Support
    Support services are available on an hourly basis or by monthly retainer to deal with technical, software, or emergency issues.

  • Site Maintenance and Updating
    These are a necessary part of running a site, and we will be available to do this for you at a set hourly rate. We can train your staff to perform these functions.

  • Staff Training
    We will train your staff in the workplace to interface with the new website and the CMS.

Consultation Services And Computer System Services

  • Computer Systems Design
    We will design a computer system to meet your information handling needs.

  • Systems Integration
    We can implement a computer system design for you by setting up and integrating the hardware and software of the system.

  • Computer System Construction
    We will implement a computer system design by setting up and integrating the hardware and software of the system.

  • Support in Implementation
    We can help you adapt/change an existing computer system to allow all parts to work together smoothly.

  • Support in Designing your own Website
    We can provide expert help in designing your website and website requirements.

  • Proposal Analysis
    We can provide you with a detailed written evaluation of any website design contract presented to us. An informed second opinion can help you decide if that contract is one that you wish to sign or need to revise.

  • Milestone Definition
    We will determine and document the stages at which and by how much the contractor should be paid.

  • Turnover Check
    We can determine and document whether, at proposed turnover time, the terms of the contract have been fulfilled by the contractor. Expert advice at turnover time could save you frustration and money.

Computer Education Services

  • Computer Concepts
    A course in basic computer concepts can be designed to fit your (or your organisation's) needs.

  • Web Design
    Would you like to design your own website? We can teach you how.

  • System Design
    What hardware and software do you need to carry out your task? Let us show you how to design a good computer system to meet your application's needs.